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The Regulation on holding the XXVIII White Nights International Marathon

The XXVIII White Nights International Marathon  is held with the aim of promotion  healthy life-style, introduction regular physical trainings and sports  to people, further development of friendly international relations in sports and tourism, and  identification the strongest marathoners of St. Petersburg.

The Marathon is held on the 9th of July 2017 in St. Petersburg. Start is at 9 o’clock. Start and finish of the Marathon will be at Dvortsovaya Square. The Marathon route is laid in one lap along the embankments, avenues and streets in the centre of St. Petersburg, along the well-known architectural and historical monuments.

Marathon run routes:
-42km 195 m 
DVORTSOVAYA SQUARE – Admiraltejsky Prospect – Dekabristov passage – Anglijskaya Embankment – Blagoveschenskii  Bridge -  Tresini Square -University Embankment – Birzhevaya Square – Makarova Embankment - Tuchkov Bridge –  Tuchkov damba street -Dobrolubova Prospect –  Mitninskaya Embankment- Kronverkskiy Embankment – Kuibisheva street  -Troizkaya square-  Petrovskaya Embankment – Petrogradskaya Embankment - Aptekarskaya Embankment - Professor Popov Street – Pesochnaya Embankment –  Molodezniy Bridge – Bolshoy  Krestovskiy Bridge – Petrogradskaya Street – Morskoy Avenue- Rukhina Street – Turn-  Uznaya road– Bolshoy Petrovsky Bridge –  Savina Street-Petrovskaya Square – Petrovskiy Prospekt- Kadetskiy Bridge- Zhdanovskaya Embankment – Zhdanovskaya  Street- Dobrolubova Prospect – Mitnenskaya Embankment-  Birzhevoy Bridge – Birzhevaya Square – Dvortsovy Bridge –  Admiralteiskaya Embankment- Anglijskaya Embankment – Novo-Admiralteiskiy canal Embankment-  Khrapovitskiy Bridge-  Moika Embankment- Pryazhka River Embankment- Myasnay Street –  Griboedova  canal Embankment- Malo-Kalinkin Bridge - Fontanka River Embankment – Anichkov Bridge- Nevsky Prospekt – Vostaniya Square- Nevsky Prospekt - Alexander Nevsky Square – Ambarnaya Street- Sinopskaya Embankment - Smolnaya Embankment – Robespierre Embankment – Kutuzova Embankment – Dvortsovaya Embankment – Dvortsovy passage – DVORTSOVAYA SQUARE.

DVORTSOVAYA SQUARE- Admiraltejsky Prospect – Dekabristov passage – Anglijskaya Embankment – Blagoveschenskii  Bridge -  Tresini Square -University Embankment – Birzhevaya Square – Makarova Embankment - Tuchkov Bridge –  Tuchkov damba street -Dobrolubova Prospect –   Kronverksky Embankment –Troizkaya square – Kamennoostrovskiy Prospekt-   Troitskiy Bridge-  Dvortsovaya Embankment – Dvortsovy passage – DVORTSOVAYA SQUARE.

Competition management.

The Marathon is organized and held:
The Committee of Physical culture and sports of the government of Saint Petersburg.
ROO “Saint Petersburg Athletic Federation.”
“Eurosport” Ltd.
Marathon Run Director: Mikhail Kochetkov 
Marathon Chief Referee: Anton Uyk, All-Union Category Judge 
Marathon Chief Secretary: Tatiana Goncharenko, Refere ATO

Participants and Program
Competitions for men and women are held on distances: 
- 42km 195m 
- 10km.

The Marathon participant can become everyone who has got a doctor's permit on the day of the marathon. There is nothing requested for the foreign participants. Men and women born 1997 and older are allowed running the marathon. Men and women born 2002 and older are allowed running 10km.

Saint Petersburg open marathon running championship is held in the marathon program. The winners and awardees among the men and women will be reward with the medals and diplomas of t he Committee of Physical culture and sports. The winners will be horned the title “Saint Petersburg marathon Champion “.

42km 195 m - 7000 participants
10km - 6000 participants

LIMIT OF TRACKS - 6 hours. The participant who doesn’t keep within the established standards must stop the running and take off the start number by request of the panel of judges.
The intermediate limits:  point 6 km - 1 hour, point 30 km - 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Cash prizes and diplomas instituted by the Saint-Petersburg Athletics Federation are awarded to: 
42km 195m distance
Men ranking from 1st to 8th and women ranking from 1st to 6th place (absolute championship), as well as men and women from 1st to 3rd place in their age groups:



Ì-20 (1997-1995)
Ì-40 (1977-1973)
Ì-45 (1972-1968)
Ì-50 (1967-1963)
Ì-55 (1962-1958)
Ì-60 (1957-1953)
Ì-65 (1952-1948)
M-70 (1947 and older)

W-20 (1997-1995)
W-40 (1977-1973)
W-45 (1972-1968)
W-50 (1967-1963)
W-55 (1962-1958)
W-60 (1957-1953)
W-65 (1952-1948)
W-70 (1947 and older)

10km distance. 
Men and women ranking form 1st to 3rd place (absolute championship), as well as men, women, and juveniles from 1st to 3rd place in the age groups as follows:



Ì-18 (1998-2002)
Ì-75 (1942-1937)
Ì-80 (1937 and older)

W-18 (1998-2002)
W-75 (1942-1938)
W-80 (1937 and older)

The Awarding ceremony of the winners and awardees  of the distance 10 km and 42 km 195 m in the absolute championship  will be  on the stage on Dvortsovaya Square ( approximately at 11 and 13 o’clock).

The Awarding ceremony of the winners and awardees of age grading will be on the 9th of July on the stage on Dvortsovaya Square and will start at 12 o’clock after the finish.
Disabled sportspeople are awarded under a special Provision (vision A and B, wheel chairs, amputations)

Personal competition
The sportsmen and missions respond for the charge of marathon participation


price bracket

the cost of participation depending on the date of filing

until February 1st 2017

until  May 1st 2017

after May 1st 2017

Marathon for Russian Federation citizens

1 000 rubles

1 000 rubles

1 500 rubles

Marathon for foreigner

25 euro*

30 euro *

35 euro *

10 km for foreigners

15 euro *

20 euro *

25 euro *

10 km for Russian Federation citizens

700 rubles

1 000 rubles

veterans WWII
Leningrad sedge residents


* Payment in rubles at the CBR exchange rate on the payment date
**If the payment isn’t made for 5 days the application will be move away

Organizing Committee Address: 
191186 Russia, St. Petersburg, 22 Millionaya Street Saint Petersburg 
Administrations Office Committee for Physical and Sport,
Phone/ fax: (812) 312-90-15 
phone / fax: (812) 335-69-04,(812) 493-21-20

RACE NUMBER PICK-UP and participant registration (if there are places after on-line registration) will be : 
Zimniy Stadium, Manezhnaya ploshchad', 2 , the entrance from the Klenovaya alley , metro station “Gostinnyi Dvor” and “Nevskiy Prospekt”
July 7 from 12:00 till 19:00 
June 8  from 10:00 till 19:00

The race number will not be given on the start day on the 9th of July and there will not be any participant registration.
On-line registration for the marathon participants will be opened from the 28th of November at the site Russiarunning.com.
Entrance fee of the participants who passed on-line registration but for some reason can’t take part in the marathon will not be return.

To get the start number you must have a passport, a doctor's permit (not over 6 month) on the day of the marathon. There is nothing requested for the foreign participants.
Start of marathon and 10 km will be at 9 a.m. from two parallel 8m wide corridors by times clusters. Refresh zones will be on 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 42 km and the finish.

Video and Photo of the marathon. In according to the federal law N 329 FZ from 04.12.2007 “On Physical culture and sports in Russian Federation” all rights on the marathon are residing to the organizers by video and photo. A person who wants to take photos or video of the marathon must pass the accreditation at press- attache of the marathon. Using video and photos in commerce cab be only with writing permission of the organizers.

Marathon Director 
Mikhail Kochetkov

Invitation 2017 >>>

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